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 History Of Bideford   By John Watkins

History of Bideford in the County of Devon. PLEASE NOTE NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE Please viosit the Appledore Bookshop or telephone 01237 470012

 The Hand Of Man   By Tom Brooks

The Hand of Man is the result of a lifetimes exploration and research of the prehistoric antiquities of Southern Britain - hilltop camps, longbarrows, earthen mounds and stone monoliths with which this land is blessed more richly than any other in the world. (Please Note This Book is Used but its Like New)

 Portrait of The Great War   By Vernon Carr Boyle

In 1914 Vernon C. Boyle along with many of his North Devon comrades in the territorials enlisted in the 6th Devonshire Regiment at the outbreak of war. Believing they were sailing for France the regiment were sent to Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq)via India to face the Ottoman Empire. Vernon C Boyle took with him his paints and his brushes and recorded everything he saw. He had, weeks before, be...

 Slapstick and Sausages   By Norman Robbins

The Evolution Of British Pantomime. (Please Note This Book is Used but its Like New)

 Petticoats To Pitchforks   By Terry Finnamore

The Womans Land Army was first formed in 1917, during the First World War. In June 1939, with the threat of war looming again, the organisation was re-formed with the result that by September 1939, when the call came, thousands of volunteers could immediately be sent into employment.

 Minstrel Boy   By Dagric Alan

What is Minstrel Boy about? The title may suggest music but the contents contain little emphasis although Frank Holder, arguably the greatest British Ballard singer recently set Quandom Travel to music presenting a new aspect to a romantic piece. Containing drama, humour, poetry, pen portraits and stories it has been described as a mixture, a selection that defies categorisation. Unquantifiable...

 From Shambles To Pannier   By Maureen E Wood

History of Markets, Cattle Markets and their Origins. (Please Note This Book is Used but its Like New)

 Dickens Christmas: A Victorian Celebration   By Simon Callow

In this volume Simon Callow presents a celebration of the traditional Dickensian Christmas, decorating the house with greenery and lighted candles hanging kissing boughs and holly wreaths to welcome friends and family

 Daughter Of Lundy   By Moira Brewer

Daughter of Lundy tells the story of Annie Ward who was brought up on Lundy in the late nineteenth century. At this time the island was owned by Heaven family and known locally as the Kingdom of Heaven. (Please Note This Book is Used but its Like New)

 The Way Of A Transgressor   By Negley Farson

The Autobiography of Civil War General James Negley Farson. (Please Note This Book is Used but its Like New)

 Black Torrington   By Gerry Matthews

Hardback Early History of Torrington, Medieval Times and 16th Century Families Wartime and Sport also included. (Please Note This Book is Used but its Like New)

 History Of Plymouth   By Llewellynn Jewitt

History of Plymouth by Llewellynn Jewitt.

 Memorials Of Barnstaple   By Joseph Besly Gribble

Take a look at Barnstaples finest Memorials. (Please Note This Book is Used but its Like New)

 Illustrated History Of Appledore   By David Carter

Very well written book on Appledore by David Carter Includes history of the area and photos. (Please Note This Book is Used but its Like New)

 Grail - Becoming Light - Living Love: A Collection   By Collection Of Writers

This Journal tells the true story of 48 Lightworkers, who travelled through France in search of higher truths pursuing spiritual growth on their own path to enlightenment.

 The Manor Of Burdon - Its Lords And Successors   By Maurice Thomas

The Manor of Burdon is an Ancient Manor dating back to Anglo-Saxon times. It is thought to be one of the oldest manor houses in Devon.

 Killing Me Softly   By Elizabeth Revill

Chilling and gripping. a cliff hanger at the end of every chapter. It involves a complex and incestuous relationship compounded by dark and contradictory religious beliefs and is dealt with in a considerate and sophisticated manner.

 Devon County Ladies Golf 1900-2000   By Devon County Ladies Association

Privately published by the Devon County Ladies Golf Association. First Edition (Like New)

 Ashreigney Parish   By Fred Harris

Ashreigney Parish incorprating Riddlecombe, Cottwood & Bridge Reeve

 Do Something Useful    By Siam & Polly

Siam and Polly met in Khartoum in the 1970s. Their first collaboration was at the British Council where the poems were scribed and hung alongside the paintings. In those days this was an unusual practice and caused quite a stir. Since then they have come together for Readings/Exhibitions in London and Cambridge, enjoying the interaction of their respective art-forms.
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