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 An Exaltation Of Skylarks   By Stewert Beer

Poems By Stewart Beer. (Please Note This Book is Used but its Like New)

 A.T.V.B Lundy   By June Lerina Woodward

Lundy Letters. (Please Note This Book is Used but its Like New)

 Zoe   By J.R. Martin

England, 1951. Ian Saunders begins his first teaching job in a grammar school near London, carrying his memories of a broken engagement and other disappointments. Enthusiastic about his subject - biology - he keeps up with contemporary developments in sciences of life, applying his knowledge and skills to the enrichment of his teaching. But, soon after embarking upon this hopeful project, his o...

 Lundy - An Island Stetchbook   By Peter Rothwell

A book of sketches by well-known Lundy artist Peter Rothwell.

 Island Studies Fifty Years Of Lundy    By R.A. Irving

In depth information about Lundy with colour & b&w photographs.

 Buckland Filleigh - A Continuous Thread    By Madeline Jane Taylor

The book covers the history of this fascinating parish from early times until the present day. From Saxon times until 1952, well within living memory, almost the whole parish was in Buckland Manor.

 Barnstaple Town On The Taw   By Lois Lamplugh

Barnstaple : Town on the Taw, History of Barnstaple dating back 17th Century and onwards by Lois Lamplugh

 Petrockstowe Past And Present   By Petrockstowe Local History Group

A collection of photos and other information about the village.

 Well I Never Knew That   By John Parker

A Lexicon of old and new maritime words, expressions, and slang, still used in everyday english language - illustrated with line drawings

 Rolle Canal & The North Devon Limestone Trade (New   By Barry D Hughes

The Rolle Canal named after John, Lord Rolle, the local landowner who financed its construction, was built so that the raw materials could be transported at low cost to new inland kilns in Torrington, in the 19th Century the railway brought an end to the canal and its seaboune limestone trade but the remains can be still seen today. (Please Note This Book is Used but its Like New)

 Hither And Yon   By Captain Jimmy Johnson R.N.

This is an account of the Navy in war and peace and all the stages in between: of speration, of a family growing up, of living France, Norway and Singapore, of joys and disappointments, of work and play - all told with humour and as the author remembers it. (Please Note This Book is Used but its Like New)

 More North Devon History Series Two   By Peter Christie

North Devon History From Peter Christie. (Please note this is the first one of the series)

 More North Devon History    By Peter Christie

North Devon History By Peter Christie. (Please note this is the first one of the series)

 Illustrations Of Old Bideford 4   By Peter Christie

Illustrations Of Old Bideford 4 by Peter Christie (New)

 Illustrations Of Old Bideford 3   By Peter Christie

Illustrated History on Bideford and third book in the series. (Please Note This Book is Used but its Like New)

 Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained   By Christopher Pantall

Life on a Chicken Farm in Africa.

 Milk And Honey   By Gerald Moore

A work of histroical fiction that mirrors all our realities, and takes the reader on a remarkable odyssey from the brutalities of loveless childhood to the heroism of war. (Please Note This Book is Used but its Like New)

 When We Came To Week    By Margaret R Bolt

Childhood story during the 1940s through to April 2001 about foot and mouth disease that infected a premises but Thankfully now an organic farm - survived.

 The Lundy Companion   By Michael A. Williams

A comprehensive gazetteer of a unique island and its landmarks.

 The Nightingale Scadal   By Stanley Thomas

The story of Thomas Benson and Lundy. (Please Note This Book is Used but its Like New)
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