We have been printing books since 1992. We can turn your bundle of manuscripts and photos into a real book and help you distribute it to the
public. With our digital printing services we can offer print runs of just 100 books, or we can print 1000s!

You're an author
Some authors believe there is no point in contacting a publisher before they have written or compiled their book. On the contrary it is never too early to contact Lazarus Press. We can advise on the best way to avoid costly mistakes before it's too late. We can help decide what might be the optimum number of pages and the most economical physical book size; whether to print in black throughout, whether to incorporate colour and whether colour should be in sections or throughout the book. Photographs, if included, need to be sized and optimised for best print quality. If you are an author please contact Lazarus Press on 01237 421195.
Often literary agents will only deal with established authors who are guaranteed to sell 10s of thousands of copies of their books. But what of authors who are writing their autobiographies, or the history of their local railway? Or even their first novel? Such writers may only achieve initial sales of a few hundred. However, if such writers never see their book in print how are they ever to break into the mainstream of high volume publishing? If you are an agent and have publishing enquiries from first time or minority interest writers then please contact Edward Gaskell to discuss a way forward for these writers - telephone direct on 01237 421195.
You want to reprint a book
Do you have the rights to an out of print book? Or do you want to see a book which is out of copyright brough back with a brand new edition? There is no one with more experience in this field than Lazarus Press - breathing life into beautiful books. Be very careful of people who offer a so-called single copy 'print-on-demand' - very often (almost always) the result is a poorly put-together, badly printed or photocopied rag. There is still a place in the printing and publishing industry for traditional high quality publishers, printers and binders - and Lazarus Press are it!