If you want to publish a book – that is, turn your documents or manuscripts into a book and distribute it to the public –
then you’ve come to the right place!

Edward Gaskell Publishers
Edward Gaskell publishers was formed in 1992 when Lazarus Press was located in the old Bideford Gazette building in North Devon. Our mission statement was to follow in the footsteps of the old, independent presses such as Golden Cockerel and Hogarth, producing books of quality while allowing for the relatively short-run nature of minority interest writing or of new writers trying to break into the world of publishing. Rather than reject manuscripts as a matter of course (which the established, aloof, London publishers most certainly do), we believe it can be beneficial to discuss with the writer ways of making their book publishable. Over the last 20 years we have seen the book industry change dramatically with print undergoing arguably the greatest revolution its history, and the advance of Kindle and e-books. But this digital revolution should have been to the benefit of any writer, for example, recording their memoirs, or their village history; the revolution has made it EASIER to print and bind quality books. During the course of its 20 year history Lazarus Press and Edward Gaskell publishers have prided themselves in the spirit of co-operation between writer and publisher, helping many people to write biographies, to write their histories, to win awards for their efforts and most of all to guide writers through the whole process from start to finish. For the very best in traditional book production, coupled with the beneficial nature of modern design and print methods, give Edward Gaskell a call - on Bideford 01237 421195 or email Lazaruspress@aol.com. Find a more pleasant way to publishing - Edward Gaskell - breathing life into beautiful books.
There are occasions when authors decide to publish their own work. As well as producing quality books, Lazarus Press have invested in the technology to make books available on Kindle and other ebook formats. This is a much easier process than it once was. Here at Lazarus Press, we believe the easiest way is to have your book published by Edward Gaskell, but if you are set on creating on your own imprint then we have a proven track record of guiding authors through the self-publishing minefield. We can help design, choose the right paper, discuss the correct format - paperback or hardback, help with front covers or wrap around jackets. In conjunction with Edward Gaskell we can help you write your memoirs or guide you through the editing process. We have 20 years experience in getting your book ready to be printed ('making it print ready') and bound. We can organise your isbn. We can also print and bind your book and advise on print runs.
Private Publishing
There is a tradition in the British Publishing Industry of a small number of manuscripts which the author wishes to publish privately - perhaps for family or friends. For whatever reason you may decide to publish privately then Lazarus Press are here to help. The very same quality service offered to new writers and for self-publishers are on offer to those wishing to privately publish. Please simply telephone Edward Gaskell (ask for Edward personally) and he will be keen to offer whatever advice is necessary.
If you're an established publisher
For relatively short-run work Lazarus Press has long been the favoured quality bookprinters for the small/medium sized publisher. For design, typesetting, quark, photoshop, in-design or any other publishing software, including Kindle, Lazarus Press can help. Discretion assured and best prices at all times. For longer printing and binding runs please ask for our best trade prices. If you want your book typeset using quark or in design and made PDF-ready then we at Lazarus Press can take care of the whole process. We believe we can save you money and time, simply by ensuring your book is 100% print-ready.