Lazarus Press - Portrait of The Great War

Portrait of The Great War

Author: Vernon Carr Boyle
Genre: Wold War 1
Published: 10/12/2014
Pages: 153
Price: £ 20.00


In 1914 Vernon C. Boyle along with many of his North Devon comrades in the territorials enlisted in the 6th Devonshire Regiment at the outbreak of war. Believing they were sailing for France the regiment were sent to Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq)via India to face the Ottoman Empire. Vernon C Boyle took with him his paints and his brushes and recorded everything he saw. He had, weeks before, been married to his beloved Winnie but spent Christmas Day 1914 on a troopship in the Meditteranean. He did not return for 5 years. Miraculously the majority of his paintings from the first world war have survived together with a manuscript which he wrote of his experiences. Together they form the basis of this full colour book.